5 Secrets to Stay Sane as a BUSY MoM

5 Secrets to Stay Sane as a BUSY MoM

Are you going Crazy???

Have you thought about beating the kids or just leaving them in the house to fend for themselves??? Of course not!!!

You probably just need a little help with being the best mother during the Coronavirus because let’s be honest this is a stressful time right now.


  1. The First things you want to do is give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge that you made it this far because being a mom aint easy.  
  2. Create a routine for yourself and the kids
    • Shower
    • Eating
    • Play Time/Hw Time
    • Bedtime
  3. Teach your children a skill- They have no excuse not to learn right now
    • Cleaning up toys
    • Cleaning around the house
    • Cooking (STORYTIME)
  4. Ask for help and delegate things to your older children.
    • Dishes
    • Washing Clothes
    • Clearing around the house
    • Making Food/Cooking
  5. Keep your stress low and take time for yourself

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