Are you going Crazy???

Have you thought about beating the kids or just leaving them in the house to fend for themselves??? Of course not!!!

You probably just need a little help with being the best mother during the Coronavirus because let’s be honest this is a stressful time right now.


  1. The First things you want to do is give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge that you made it this far because being a mom aint easy.  
  2. Create a routine for yourself and the kids
    • Shower
    • Eating
    • Play Time/Hw Time
    • Bedtime
  3. Teach your children a skill- They have no excuse not to learn right now
    • Cleaning up toys
    • Cleaning around the house
    • Cooking (STORYTIME)
  4. Ask for help and delegate things to your older children.
    • Dishes
    • Washing Clothes
    • Clearing around the house
    • Making Food/Cooking
  5. Keep your stress low and take time for yourself

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