Shine in Your Purpose

A 6-Month Leadership Program to Help Guide and Empower Women Entrepreneurs to Find Your Purpose, Live Bigger and Bolder, and Increase the Impact You Have on the World.

Are YoU:

-Ready to improve your leadership skills so you can build a business and brand of your dreams?
-Tired of feeling like you are stuck and your business is not growing the way you want?  
-Afraid of living bigger and bolder and making a different in your life and the life of others?
-Struggling with your confidence and the gift you have to offer the world?

Imagine your future life for a moment….

• You have a successful business and brand that truly makes you happy.
• You have the confidence to share your gift with the world.
• You are living bigger and your business is growing in a positive way.
• You are living your best life.

You can make this all a reality and build the business of your dreams

I Have a Solution for You

Shine in Your Purpose is a 6-Month leadership program to help guide and empower women entrepreneurs to find your purpose, live bigger and bolder, and increase the impact you have on the world. This program will guide you on what your bigger purpose is and how to use that purpose to lead you. You will learn how to make bigger goals and define the steps to accomplish those goals. You will learn how to connect with people in a deeper way and become a leader who builds a loyal following of customers and clients who will fall in love with you and your brand. This online coaching program was designed with you in mind and can be taken from anywhere in the world.


What Do I Get Once I Enroll in This Program and Invest in Myself?


Transformative Training Modules
(valued at $5,000)
These modules will transform the way you build your business and provide you with insight and education on how to move forward in your business.


Weekly Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls with LaShandra
(valued at $4200)
During these weekly group coaching calls LaShandra will go over valuable information and strategies to help you grow in your business and create the business you desire. These calls will also be dedicated to live group coaching to making sure you get all the support you need.


Transformational Workbooks, Assignments, and Techniques
(valued at $2,000)
The information provided in these workbooks will help you expand your mind and grow on a deeper level. You will be given exercises to complete, so you can implement the information you are learning. With the techniques you learn you will take action to continuously move your business in the direction necessary to have the successful business you desire.


Access to LaShandra to get all your questions answered
You will have access to LaShandra inside a private Facebook group, where you will be supported, can ask questions, and celebrate a win, or anything else you need throughout the 6 month program.


Lifetime access to Shine in Your Purpose and all updates
(valued at $2000)
You’ll have lifetime access to all the material from Shine in Your Purpose. This includes group coaching calls, transformational workbooks/ homework assignments, extra resources, and other material. The content covered in Shine in Your Purpose will be valuable for years to come and will continue to help you on your journey to success.


Exclusive Members-Only Private Facebook Group
(valued at $500)
The private Facebook group will help you connect with the other members of Shine in Your Purpose program, so you support each other, share your journey, document your challenges and successes, and get support from LaShandra


TOTAL VALUE: $13,700


See what others have said about LaShandra…
Before coming to LaShandra, you could say I was overwhelmed with life. I was a partner in running a business, and trying to build a second one, finishing my graduate program, and trying to fulfill the duties of a girlfriend, homeowner obligations, and taking care of two German Shepherds. LaShandra guided me in designing a more manageable life by creating an effective strategy for productivity and time management. If it were not for her, my life would feel all over the place.
Crystal Mendoza

When I first met LaShandra I was struggling to find what I wanted to do with my life. I struggled a lot with internal motivation to apply to graduate programs. Through the last three years LaShandra has helped me become more motivated about applying to graduate programs. She has been able to find motivation in things I haven’t. When I feel as if I can’t make it, she makes me feel positive and is always full of energy. LaShandra has helped me become a better person and has been a great coach to have in my life.
Erika Baron

Thank you LaShandra for the 5-week course, it truly was worth it. within the 5-week. I learned so much about myself and how the mindset is so important in creating the life you truly want and deserve. it also taught me to be more motivated, more focused, and straighter and more legit in everything I do. No matter how big or small it is.

LaShandra gives it to you straight, she’s not going to tiptoe around anything. LaShandra is well knowledge and have a passion for what she does, she is an understanding person and truly cares about what she does. LaShandra is not going to make any excuses, nor accept any excuses.

Michael Neil

I had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Batiste, she is an amazing life coach. She is very loyal, dedicated to her clients. She helped me get my life back on track. I highly recommend her service.
Laureen Brooks

LaShandra has been a great help to me while in my life and given me confidence to be a better student and build better relationships with my teachers, so much that if I did not have her, I would have failed out of school. She has helped me by always pushing me to be the best student and person that I can be. I am a quiet and shy person, but it was easy for me to open up and talk with her which I think is a great trait to have. Her positivity in life helps and has helped me many times when I have been in a bad mood, she was able to find a way to make my day better.
Jumoke Hutton


Hi, I’m LaShandra!

I am a certified leadership and relationship coach, speaker, visionary, and educator who uses my authentic self, unique personality, skills, and passion to help business owners and professional men and women take action to accomplish the vision they have in life and achieve massive results.

I am an ENFJ just like Barack Obama and Orpah Winfrey, which is a rare personality that comprises about 2-3% of the population. I am driven by my desire to help others reach their fullest potential. Through my charismatic personality, high emotional intelligence, ambition, and ability to improve confidence, I have changed many lives and the culture of several organizations.

I have had the honor of helping my clients enhance their leadership abilities, become aware of self-limiting beliefs, understand their fears, grow beyond what they believed was possible, and create a life they love.

Pricing Plan



Is this program for me?

Absolutely! If you are looking to increase your leadership skills to build a business and brand that you will love.

How is this program different from other?

I work with you holistically and help you understand your deepest inner and outer most desires. This will help you transform your life and your business to be in alignment together.

How does shine in your purpose work?

We will meet weekly on Zoom where I may teach a concept in one of the modules, followed by group coaching where you can talk with me directly and get personalized support, ask questions, and work through what is holding you back from having the business you desire.

When do we start?

The program will start soon. Once it starts you’ll get access to the content and be able to make positive changes to your life!

Do I need any special equipment?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer, phone or tablet to attend Zoom sessions, access the material, and a reliable internet connection.

What can I expect from Shine in your purpose?

You can expect to grow and push yourself beyond your limiting beliefs with the wealth of knowledge that you will learn. You will develop more self-confidence, increase your skills,  and be guided into deep transformation which in turn can dramatically improve how you build your business. You will be in a supportive environment to be transparent about your current situation and the challenges you are having. You will be given action steps to take to increase more abundance in your life.

What if I cannot attend the zoom calls at the scheduled time/date?

I will try to pick a time that works best for everyone in the group.
If you’re not available to attend the live calls, you can send me your questions ahead of the calls, and I will answer them for you on the call or reach out to me for support in the member only Facebook group. All the calls will be recorded with replays available for you to watch.

What if I fall behind ?

It’s okay if you fall behind because I understand life happens. You get lifetime access to the material, so you can catch up.

What if I have more questions about the program? How can I contact you?

Feel free to shoot me and email to I’ll be more than happy to answer additional questions

This isn’t just a program, it’s a transformation

I’M READY TO ENROLL IN shine in your purpose AND CHANGE MY LIFE!

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